About my work:

The human form in its many expressions has been the predominant subject in my body of work.The physical, psychological and the physiological aspects have all played a role in my imagery.
The human form, it’s behavior and emotional states are like found objects waiting to be assembled. Contrasting their relationships between each other and the exterior world, often result in a visual disquieting, poignant and even metaphysical imagery.
My studio practice heavily involves experimentation. I often create problems that need to be solved. Much of my process and decision making is around finding solutions, spatially, materially or conceptually.
These work samples represent a diverse use of material and concepts all centered around human aspects ranging from form, to micro organisms, to thought patterns and perceptions.
Self Portrait in 11 parts is a fluid piece that is in journey. I potentially will sculpt all 206 bones and 100 organs.
From my early life size figurative works and large-scale installations to the current intimate and energetic works on paper, I find the diversity and complexity of humans an endless inspiration.